Enterprise Software: Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

Fuji Xerox Australia’s cloud and on-premise solutions can help you organise, classify and manage your content, whether it be paper or digital. This includes creation, collaboration and process optimisation as well as retention and archiving.

Our scalable solutions help organizations with large amounts of documents which require access, approval, collaboration from many different users. They are designed to help simplify and automate business critical processes:

  • Multichannel capture.
  • Business process optimisation.
  • Store and manage information with a variety of security options.
  • Collaborate with teams on document projects.
  • Visibility of end to end process including reporting.
  • Gain insight to drive further automation.

Our highly configurable Smart Process Applications (SPAs) look at streamlining business processes such as accounts payable, human resources (HR) on boarding, contract management and more.

  • Designed to support departmental or organisation wide processes.
  • Configurable to automate high volume business processes.
  • Integration with a wide range of business application / business critical applications.

Want to streamline your business process and enable workers to focus on driving real business results?

Fuji Xerox Enterprise Software team
can help evolve your business critical processes.

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