Integrated Solutions: Running Your Business

Disparate systems, platforms and multiple applications are a symptom of many growing businesses. When it comes time to focus on integrating and simplifying your systems and platforms, turning to expert IT managed services can make the difference.

Running your business without integrated systems and platforms can be time consuming and costly, especially when trying to blend third party solutions with your existing infrastructure as well as trying to automate and centralise document workflows and business processes. Developing out-of-box solutions can prove equally cost prohibitive.

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Evolve your business by integrating and streamlining your application portfolio and simplifying your systems

Running your business and serving your customers is challenging enough. Trying to achieve what you need to achieve with disparate systems and technology, and trying to manage them in a cost effective way that helps you to flex as you need, can be even harder. If systems integration and application development are critical to your business, the ability to effectively execute on them is a must have.

By choosing to work with Fuji Xerox Australia IT Services, you are benefitting from the help of an expert to carry out the process – and help take away the stress, freeing up your team to focus on what really matters to your business and your customers. We can help with IT procurement as well as managing your IT infrastructure either on premise or via Cloud (Desktop as a Service, Platform as a Service, Back up as a Service and more).

Project Planning and Management

Having experienced business analysts and project managers in your internal team can be expensive, and a viable option you can consider is to outsource this to professionals with the ability to develop a solution tailored to both your business and your budget.

Systems Integration

Many businesses will have systems that need to be integrated with existing partner systems and other third-party solutions, and with the commoditisation of technology solutions, that has grown as a challenge in recent years. Nowadays, it's necessary in order to centralise and automate document workflows, manage costs, process invoices and control printing. The ability to integrate into ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems and offer straight through process is also important.

Moreover, failure to think of these complexities can leave you open to service interruptions, unexpected costs and problems further down the track.

This is where a skilled managed services team is so important, giving you access to the skills and expertise required to properly carry out integration projects.

Product development

Sometimes, you will need to develop entirely new systems. This means developing out-of-the-box solutions to meet your needs – and in a cost effective way, that doesn’t tie up critical resources within your organisation. New products can include mobility solutions, and bespoke imaging and data handling applications.

Both systems integration and application development don't have to be difficult, long-winded processes. With the right team, they can be carried out efficiently and correctly. Our expert team in Managed IT services can help you develop the applications you need, and integrate them with most infrastructure, so that you can focus on what you do best - running your business and serving your customers.

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